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Man Has Been Accused of Causing a Fatal Crash, Driving While Drunk

March 5, 2014 General

When a fatal car crash occurs, it may be difficult for those who lose loved ones to cope. They may question what could have been done to prevent the loss. Sometimes, those questions have clear answers, such as when a motorist makes the choice to consume an impairing substance before driving. Though authorities regularly advise Connecticut residents about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, many motorists fail to heed those warnings — with car accidents often being the result. Recently, a man has been accused of causing a fatal crash and authorities say that he was driving under the influence.

The crash happened recently when the accused driver is said to have hit another vehicle from behind. The impact caused both vehicles to drive into the median, where the second car flipped over and hit a cement bridge pillar. The driver of the second car was rushed to a local hospital, but treatment was unsuccessful and he passed away there.

Authorities say that the man who caused the accident was driving under the influence, though there is no word on what exactly the substance was, nor how police arrived at that conclusion. Often in such cases, field sobriety tests are conducted by officers responding to the crash and blood samples are taken. Officials have leveled several charges against the man in this case, including manslaughter.

The family of the man who died in this crash may make the decision to file a civil claim against the man accused. A successfully litigated claim could result in financial compensation that would be useful in covering any unpaid expenses that have resulted due to the crash. Car accidents can often translate to medical bills, funeral costs and other debts. It would be wonderful if no families here in Connecticut ever had to endure the pain of losing a family member in a way that is completely preventable. Until that time, they may wish to know that criminal charges are only one form of seeking justice.

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