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Joan Rivers Died Recently Under a Cloud of Suspicion

December 12, 2014 General

Fans are aware that Joan Rivers died recently under a cloud of suspicion. The medical facility that performed a procedure on her shortly before her death has been under investigation since that time. Connecticut residents who have been following the case may be interested in recently released details surrounding the treatment errors that may be linked to her death.

According to reports, the staff at the clinic did not take appropriate actions when Joan Rivers’ blood pressure and pulse dropped. When medics arrived at the clinic, Rivers reportedly had no heartbeat and no pulse. She was observed to have cyanosis in the area around her mouth, which is attributed to lack of oxygen.

In addition to the lack of oxygen, a contributing factor to Rivers’ death was the failure of the staff to perform CPR immediately after cardiac arrest. To make matters worse, it was reported that the medical staff did not contact emergency services for 10 minutes. It is believed that, if it was not for the neglect of the clinic’s staff, it is a possibility that Rivers could still be alive.

Treatment errors can cause serious injuries and also death. In this case, the medical staff at the clinic allegedly did not administer proper standards of care and, because of the staff’s lack of care, Joan Rivers died. Connecticut residents who have suffered similarly from treatment errors have the right to pursue medical malpractice suits in civil court. Successfully navigated suits often result in victims or families being awarded compensation for losses associated with medical errors.

Source:, “More Details Revealed About Yorkville Endoscopy Doctors’ Medical Malpractice“, Erica Cortez-Araullo, Dec. 3, 2014