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Injuries at Health and Fitness Facilities

August 2, 2021 General

Whether you run, swim, or lift weights, our bodies need exercise to maintain a healthy balance.  Most individuals secure memberships at local gyms and health and fitness facilities to achieve that healthy lifestyle.  The majority of these individuals, however, never read the waivers they sign when purchasing said memberships.  Those waivers (also known as exculpatory agreements / clauses) attempt to insulate these facilities from liability.  And you can be certain that if you ever pursue a bodily injury claim against a gym or health facility, the adjuster handling that claim will immediately deny said claim and will refer you to the waiver you signed.

Do not sweat.  Such take it or leave it waivers are carefully scrutinized by Connecticut Courts and are often thrown out as violating public policy.  There are many instances involving gym injuries in which the waiver should not apply and does not apply.  Examples include working with improperly set-up equipment or failing equipment, and while working with personal trainers.  Each injury at the gym is unique and requires a careful analysis to see if any liability rests with the gym owner and operator.  Attorney Stephen Sobin and the BPS Lawyers Personal Injury Department have a proven and successful track record in pursuing these claims.  If you or a family member are injured while working out, contact our office for a careful review.