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In October, Three Major Accidents Occurred on I-95 Which Left 16 Injured and Four People Dead

November 20, 2014 General

Sometimes, multiple car accidents occur within a short timeframe. Car accidents are not only devastating to Connecticut victims and families who experience them. They are also traumatizing to those who witness them. Medical workers recently recounted a tragedy that involved 16 vehicles.

During the month of October, three major accidents occurred on I-95 which left 16 injured and four people dead. One of the emergency workers described the scene like something out of Armageddon. The scene was so bad that a Life Star helicopter had a difficult time landing due to gridlock. In one of the accidents, a 25-year-old woman was the only survivor. Her 2-year-old son and his father were killed, along with her 9-year-old daughter and a 33-year-old passenger.

These medical workers try in every way to save lives, and understandably, it leaves them emotional when they’re unsuccessful. The medical teams who witness these types of tragedies try different methods of coping. Some of these methods include peer-to-peer trauma response and use of the hospital’s crises team. Sometimes, they lean on others, including lab technicians and psychiatric nurses.

The woman and her family members are likely left with the devastating emotions that come with losing loved ones in car accidents. If the evidence suggests that negligence on the part of another was responsible for the tragedy, then personal injury and wrongful death claims may be appropriate legal options in a Connecticut civil court. If the evidence presented documents financial liability, then the court may order the payment of monetary damages to the injured woman and the estates of the deceased victims.

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