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How an elder law attorney can help your parent to remain at home

March 5, 2019 Elder Law

As our parents get older, they face challenges to remaining in their homes. Their physical abilities have diminished, and it often becomes unsafe for them to live alone. Most individuals want to remain in their home and live out their years where they are most comfortable. An elder law attorney can help devise a plan to accomplish this.

Such a plan might involve creating a Durable Power of Attorney to help with banking and other financial transactions. It might include forms to assist with medical care. The family may want to create a Care Agreement that will allow payment to a family member who provides care. It might include applying for homecare benefits for a few hours a day, or for 24-hours a day. If the State advises you that a “pooled trust” is needed to qualify for care, our attorneys can assist with that, too.

Attorney Nancy Tonucci in the firm’s Rocky Hill office has worked with families for many years to ensure that the best possible plan can be set up to allow a loved one to stay at home.