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Hospital Liability After a Fall

April 2, 2015 General

By no means do medical professionals have an easy job. Hospital employees, in particular, see and do a lot in an environment that can be quite stressful. Unfortunately, mistakes regarding patient care are made, and those injured may question who is responsible. Patient falls are just one of many issues patients in Connecticut may experience during hospital stays. Those who do fall while on a medical facility’s premises have every right to question hospital liability in the matter.

Patients falls occur for a number of reasons. In an attempt to prevent falls, medical providers must evaluate the physical status of every patient to determine who may be a falls risk and who are able to safely move around without assistance. After that assessment is made, instructions are to be added to a patient’s medical record stating what services are to be rendered. Patients who are considered in stable condition, without complaints of dizziness or showing no signs of being unsteady, are generally allowed to move freely. However, even these patients can trip over misplaced medical equipment and get hurt.

Patients who are determined to be a falls risk are supposed to have assistance for anything that requires them to sit in bed or move around. Failing to provide assistance is certainly an issue that cannot be overlooked. In any falls case, every aspect of medical care will be scrutinized to determine liability, including assessment findings, information provided in medical records, provider care and patient responsibility.

Injuries suffered in falls can be serious, leading to significant problems for patients. Those in Connecticut who suspect negligence by medical providers as a cause for any injuries suffered from falls can utilize legal remedies to seek compensation. Medical malpractice claims can be filed against the hospital staff and the facility in general. While these cases can be settled out of court, if a trial is conducted and hospital liability is established, monetary relief may be awarded.

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