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Free Tip on Paying for Your License Defense Lawyer

September 2, 2018 General

Professionals, especially nurses, doctors, and many tradesmen and women, carry malpractice insurance, or professional liability insurance, as a matter of course. Oftentimes your employer will require it. After all, malpractice insurance is a necessity to make sure that you are covered in case there are allegations of some act or omission against you in the future. The same way that you would protect your home or car from loss or damage, you also must obtain insurance to protect your financial security and professional reputation from damage as well.

However, the reality is that a claim against you for failing to meet the applicable standards in your profession is also likely to result in an investigation and possible administrative action against your professional license by the State of Connecticut. Understandably, a number of anxieties go hand in hand with a State investigation, one of which is whether you need a lawyer and how you are going to pay for one.

At least on the financial side, there may be good news! Many professional liability insurance policies do include coverage for legal defense in protecting your licensing from administrative actions. It is important that you or your attorney review your malpractice insurance policy and determine whether coverage is available to help defray the cost of a defense attorney, any deductible or limitations on receiving that coverage, as well as the process to make the claim.

You worked hard for your career. Make sure you protect it.