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Connecticut State Senate Has Passed a Bill That They Hope Will Help Reduce the Risk of Injury to Pedestrians

May 5, 2014 General

When a motor vehicle accident involves a pedestrian, the likelihood of serious injury or fatality increases. Due to this factor, the Connecticut state Senate has passed a bill that they hope will help reduce the risk of injury to pedestrians. If the bill is approved by the state House of Representatives, they believe there will be a reduction in pedestrian accidents.

If signed into law, a fine would be charged to any driver convicted of the death or injury of a pedestrian. The definition of “pedestrian” would include workers on the highway, cyclists and several other related groups. Those who support the bill believe that the fine will serve as a deterrent to these types of accidents.

Senators point out that many communities in Connecticut are seeing the numbers of pedestrians rise, as many people make the choice to walk or bike for transportation and exercise. They also cite the amount of universities and schools in this state that result in the presence of students who are not otherwise traveling in a motor vehicle. Those who support this bill are optimistic that it will lead to reducing tragedy that may befall vulnerable citizens.

Even with these promising measures, pedestrian accidents will still occur here in Connecticut. The potential fine and other criminal charges are not the only options for seeking justice. Victims or their families could file a civil claim that may result in monetary compensation, useful for repaying outstanding medical bills and other expenses that might arise from such a tragedy. Those who are deemed responsible will have to face consequences for their actions.

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