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Connecticut Dentist Recently Charged With Homicide

March 2, 2015 General

A dentist from Connecticut who has a history of medical malpractice claims against him was recently charged with homicide. It is alleged that his criminal negligence lead to the death of a 64-year-old patient in February of last year. The dentist denies responsibility and asks for the charges to be dropped. Anesthesia mistakes such as this could also lead to a medical malpractice claim against the dentist.

The dentist was apparently in the process of extracting all of the woman’s teeth when the monitoring equipment sounded an alarm indicating insufficient oxygen. According to the patient’s medical records, she suffered from heart problems. State health officials reported that the dentist continued the procedure, despite his assistant urging him to stop. The assistant ultimately rushed to call emergency services, but the patient’s heart had already failed.

Patients who filed medical malpractice claims against this dentist in the past include one who choked on a pack used to soak up any blood collection in the throat and had to be hospitalized. Another patient claimed the dentist caused severe damage to her teeth and mouth while performing a reconstructive procedure. Though the Connecticut Dental Commission’s decided not to suspend the dentist’s license, the state still brought criminal charges against him.

Residents of Connecticut who have lost a loved one due to anesthesia mistakes or any other alleged medical negligence may pursue claims for financial damages. Proving medical negligence is commonly a complicated process, and the experience of a medical malpractice attorney may prove invaluable. With sufficient evidence, the surviving family of the deceased may present a claim to a civil court. A successfully navigated litigation could lead to a monetary judgment to cover medical and end-of-life expenses, along with other documented losses recognized by our laws.

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