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Cannabis License Applications Expected to Open in Mid-to-Late January 2022

December 9, 2021 Marijuana Law

At its December 7, 2021 meeting, the Social Equity Council (SEC) was expected to vote and approve the final criteria and documentation that will be required to establish social equity applicant status for purposes of applying for a cannabis establishment license. Connecticut’s adult-use cannabis statutes state the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) will begin accepting license applications thirty days from the date of the SEC’s final approval of the social equity criteria and documentation.

The SEC approved the social equity criteria and documentation contingent upon (1) the DCP fulfilling the SEC’s request that the application window for licenses that will be selected through the first lottery be ninety days; and (2) that “technical assistance” be implemented, and the SEC holds a special meeting approving the adequacy of the technical assistance.

By “technical assistance” the SEC means assistance for prospective social equity applicants in completing their application, compiling the required supporting documents, and educating communities about what is needed to put together a complete application. The SEC expressed concerns that too many social equity applicants would be left out or excluded form the application process due to not having enough time or guidance to compile an initial application to be included in the lottery.

The first condition has already been satisfied by the DCP, which issued a letter to the SEC dated December 8, 2021 in which the DCP committed to keeping the application window open for ninety days for licenses selected through the first lottery.

As for the Second condition, the SEC stated that it plans to hold a special session to approve the technical assistance. The SEC was clear that it intends to hold the special meeting before the end of December, specifically before the Christmas holiday.

The takeaway from the above is that applications are expected to be made available in mid-to-late January of 2022, and there will be a ninety-day window for applicants to complete and submit their materials.

The income, residency, ownership, and control requirements and required documentation have been posted and can be accessed at the links below. Applicants are encouraged to prepare and compile these documents in anticipation of the applications opening in January:

Income / Residency Requirements

Ownership and Control Requirements