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Better Weather Means More Biking

May 5, 2015 General

As the weather continues to improve, more individuals can be found riding their bikes around the state. Whether for work or pleasure, bike riding is not only a popular sport, but also a preferred form of transportation for many. Unfortunately, bicycle accidents are a fairly frequent problem, which result in hundreds of injuries a year in Connecticut.

According to a recent report, the Department of Transportation reports that over 600 bicycle accidents occur every year. Cyclists often experience extensive injuries — or even death — as a result. With so many individuals being negatively affected by this issue, lawmakers are looking for ways to end this problem by adding more bike lanes.

Even with added bike lanes, though, it is up to drivers and cyclists to be cautious when out on the road. If an incident like this does occur, the current penalties associated with hitting a biker include a relatively minor fine. More severe penalties may follow, depending on the specifics surrounding the incident. However, drivers often blame cyclists for causing these accidents to avoid any negative consequences.

Connecticut residents who have been injured or lost ones in bicycle accidents often face significant burdens as a result. The physical, financial and/or emotional toll of such an incident can be difficult to overcome. If desired, legal claims can be filed against those individuals deemed responsible for these collisions. If negligence can be adequately established before a civil court, compensation for any losses incurred — such as medical expenses, lost wages, funeral costs and other specified damages — may be awarded.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “How Safe Is Your Bike Route?“, Christiane Cordero, May 1, 2015