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A Connecticut Boy Was Struck by a Car and Left With Serious Injuries

October 28, 2014 General

Thankfully, a bicycle accident is a relatively uncommon event. When they do occur, however, the consequences are often far worse than many traditional car accidents. Recently, a Connecticut boy was struck by a car and left with serious injuries.

The accident happened on a recent Saturday when the boy was riding his bike on a local street in Litchfield County. Upon a preliminary investigation, authorities determined that the driver of a minivan was headed in the northbound direction when the boy was hit. After the impact, the driver reportedly kept on driving, dragging the boy under the vehicle’s bumper. The vehicle driver is said to have fled the scene of the crash. 

The vehicle has been described as having a dark blue or charcoal color with damage to its front end. Authorities were able to obtain a piece of the vehicle front bumper and a full headlight assembly. Medical crews transported the boy to St. Mary’s Hospital, and the injuries he suffered were characterized as serious. The investigation is ongoing, and authorities are asking for the public’s help with any additional information.

Car accidents involving bicycles are typically a traumatic experience for the victims who experience them, especially when they are children. It’s likely that the boy’s family may wish to consider pursuing legal recourse for the injuries he suffered once the driver is located. Depending on the outcome of this continuing investigation, the alleged hit-and-run driver may have to face civil litigation on top of any criminal charges that are filed. If the family files a claim, they may seek reimbursement of current and future medical expenses and reimbursement of any other financial losses associated with the accident. The civil court system in Connecticut may award these damages based upon appropriate evidence of driver negligence, including evidence gathered by the authorities and proof of any criminal conviction that may be secured.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “Juvenile Injured in Hit and Run Accident“, Oct. 25, 2014