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A 27-year-old Driver Is Accused of Hitting Three Pedestrians on a Sidewalk

March 20, 2013 General

Several people trying to enjoy a St. Patrick’s Day parade in Hartford on March 9 ended up spending time in the hospital after a negligent driver drove recklessly onto the sidewalk. Fortunately, the hit and run car accident did not cause any serious injury.

The 27-year-old driver, from Windsor, is accused of hitting three pedestrians on a sidewalk, according to police. The man failed to stop, fleeing the scene and getting into another accident. He was finally arrested on Interstate 91.

The pedestrians were treated for minor injuries. Three female passengers in the driver’s car were also taken to a nearby hospital for minor injuries. The driver faces charges of reckless driving and endangerment and making an illegal U-turn. He posted $50,000 bail and is due back in court on March 20 for his arraignment.

Approximately 16 percent of car accidents involving a pedestrian and a car are hit and run accidents. Police were fortunate enough to find the driver in this case, but some drivers involved in hit and run accidents are never found.

Whether a person is involved in a typical car accident or one involving a hit and run driver, many of the steps are the same. As in any accident, the focus is on the health and safety of all parties involved. The police and an ambulance should be called to the scene. If possible, a victim should try to remember as much information as possible about the vehicle that hit him or her. Vehicle color, make, model and license plate number are all valuable information that the police can use to track down the vehicle. It is also advised that injured parties contact their insurance company and perhaps seek legal help as well.

Source: Norwich Bulletin, “Driver accused of hitting pedestrians in Connecticut,” March 11, 2013