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Underage Drinking

Protecting Your Rights When Facing Underage Drinking Charges

Underage drinking is a “status offense” under Connecticut law. The act of possessing alcohol is made unlawful by one’s status as a minor. The legal age for possession of alcohol in Connecticut is 21 years old, although there are circumstances in which alcohol consumption by minors is allowable. The attorneys of Brown Paindiris & Scott represent minors who have been summoned for illegal possession of alcoholic beverages as well as adults who have faced criminal liability for allegedly supplying alcohol to minors or knowingly permitting underage drinking on their properties (“social host” liability). In the event of a drunk driving accident involving a teenage driver, we also represent business owners charged with serving minors.

The attorneys of Brown, Paindiris & Scott, LLP, are highly committed to achieving the best possible disposition for a minor summoned for offenses involving alcohol and other substances. Our attorneys make every effort to protect your child’s juvenile record, mitigate the effect of your child’s bad decision on his/her future and to negotiate with the prosecutor and the state to divert your child for whatever treatment or intervention may be necessary.

Our attorneys are also experienced in advocating for the rights of victims when impaired driving or activities of a minor have resulted in injury or death to someone you love.

When Underage Drinking Leads To Civil Lawsuits

Brown Paindiris & Scott is a full-service law firm, handling civil litigation as well as criminal defense. Our personal injury attorneys have vast experience bringing claims and lawsuits against underage drinkers and adults who may be responsible for the conduct of those minors. We also represent the other side in a civil litigation matter: the property owner, social host or business establishment subject to a lawsuit seeking damages after a teenage drunk driving accident or other incidents involving alcohol.

Contact The Juvenile Crimes Attorneys Of Brown Paindiris & Scott

Brown Paindiris & Scott, in Hartford, stands out for its unique ability to put together teams of lawyers as needed to evaluate and address all angles of a legal matter, including underage drinking cases where criminal and civil issues coexist. To schedule an initial free consultation with one of our Connecticut underage drinking defense attorneys, call 860-266-7024 or toll-free at 877-783-5367, or contact us online.