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Trucking Company Involved in a 35-vehicle Pileup

December 28, 2012 General

A car accident or collision with other vehicles can cause serious injuries, and collisions happening in other states may affect innocent Connecticut drivers. A truck accident may cause problems on highways and slow or stop traffic, so it’s important for drivers to always be cautious and aware of their surroundings.

Those in Connecticut may be interested in knowing about a trucking company that was involved in a 35-vehicle pileup. The deadly pileup occurred when the tractor-trailer, which was owned by the company, ran into other vehicles and burst into flames. The incident left an older driver critically injured and killed a 68-year-old woman. The pileup also left 33 people injured. An investigation is ongoing, and it has yet to be determined if the driver caused the accident or if some outside factor played a role.

The trucking company has received 23 citations during the last two years, according to federal transportation records. The company’s vehicles have also been involved in numerous accidents before the most recent one.

There are many reasons a truck accident can happen, from malfunctions to poor driving skills. But trucking companies that fail to take a trend of safety violations seriously put all drivers at risk, even their own. There is a reason that not just anyone can become a truck driver. It takes special training to be able to handle a vehicle of that size and weight. In cases where the driver may be at fault, the employer may also be found negligent in a lawsuit.

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