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The Number of Drivers Who Are Exhausted or Suffer from a Lack of Sleep Are Alarming

November 14, 2014 General

Connecticut drivers may recognize the dangers of driving while tired. The numbers of fatalities in car accidents that were caused by drivers who are exhausted or suffer from a lack of sleep are alarming. A man who is currently being held against a $25,000 bond is suspected of causing a fatal accident because he allegedly fell asleep while driving.

The accident was reported to have occurred in Stamford on Oct. 18. According to the police report, a husband and wife were adjacent to a food truck when a 32-year-old driver in an SUV smashed into them. The SUV was apparently southbound when it crossed the center line. According to the police investigation report, the driver was asleep when the accident happened.

The woman was taken to Stamford Hospital but succumbed to her injuries and was later declared dead. The media report makes no mention of injuries suffered by the husband or the SUV driver. The alleged sleeping driver was held on a bond of $25,000 and is now facing charges related to vehicular misconduct.

Connecticut residents who have lost loved ones in car accidents that were the result of negligent actions by other parties may have to cope with financial difficulties related to settling end-of-life expenses and other financial losses. They may choose to pursue restitution by filing a wrongful death claim in a civil court. Successful presentation of a claim that provides sufficient evidence of negligence may lead to monetary compensation to cover funeral and burial expenses and other damages to help relieve the financial burden placed on the shoulders of surviving family members.

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