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Fatal Car Accidents in Connecticut

June 9, 2014 General

Families should never have to feel the pain of losing a loved one in a motor vehicle crash. When fatal car accidents occur, families are often left with questions of how such a thing could happen and whether anything might have prevented the tragedy. Authorities who investigate collisions seek to determine exactly what occurred and if charges should be made. A recent crash here in Connecticut has left police with those kinds of questions as they work to sift through the details and unravel exactly what happened to cause two people to lose their lives.

The crash happened early one morning when one car carrying two people tried to cross a highway. Another car crashed into the first one, hitting the driver’s side. Both people in the first car died at the scene of the accident before emergency responders could save them. The driver of the other car was unharmed.

Police have not released information on who they believe to be at fault. No causes for the accident have been revealed, nor have authorities commented on the state of either driver — such as whether either were intoxicated at the time of the crash. Emergency workers were on the scene for a while, working to determine exactly what happened and tending to the crash site. An appeal has been made to anyone who may have any insight on the crash to contact police.

These types of car accidents are unfortunate, not only because of the loss of life but because of the questions that it leaves for Connecticut families. If the uninjured driver is determined to have caused this crash, the families of the victims may decide to file a civil claim against him. A successful claim could result in financial compensation that may help the families with any costs associated with the crash, such as medical bills or funeral expenses. No matter the outcome, hopefully these families will be able to find some peace and begin to rebuild their lives.

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