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Connecticut Woman Was Attempting to Retrieve a Forgotten Item from Her Car,while Struck

January 2, 2014 General

A person forgetting something in the car should be a simple matter to resolve. The individual should easily be able to return to the car, retrieve the item and continue on his or her way. Pedestrian accidents can happen quickly, however, and lead to tragedy out of something straightforward. Recently, a young Connecticut woman was attempting to retrieve a forgotten item from her car. In the process, she was hit by another driver and then dragged for over a block.

According to witnesses, the young woman was struck by the driver of a red Pontiac. This driver paused for a moment and then continued driving away. The victim was caught underneath his car and dragged along with him. Her body was found approximately a block from where she was originally hit. As a result, she became yet another pedestrian fatality.

Police began an extensive search for the suspected driver. He was reportedly discovered as he returned to the parking lot where the tragedy began. According to police, he was parking and on his way to work when they located him. He has been arrested and charged in the young woman’s death.

Pedestrian accidents seem to be more common these days. Regardless, when a life is lost, it is a tragedy that will likely remain with a victim’s loved ones forever. While the driver who hit her will most likely have to answer for his actions in a Connecticut criminal court, this family may also want to look at their civil options. The criminal court system can provide justice for the family; however, it cannot assist with meeting the financial and other needs that have resulted due to this driver’s actions.

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