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Connecticut Jury Awarded $6.7 Million to a Man Injured in a Crash on Interstate 95

August 9, 2012 General

Depending on the circumstances surrounding an accident, large settlements can be awarded if negligence is found on the part of an involved party, including the government. Car accidents that result from a driver’s negligence are especially likely to result in large personal injury settlements.

On July 30, a Connecticut jury awarded $6.7 million to a man injured in a crash on Interstate 95 and the family of another man who was killed in the same crash. The accident reportedly occurred because a Department of Transportation worker for the state parked his vehicle carelessly.

The surviving victim, who suffered a severe leg fracture, was driving a tractor-trailer at the time of the accident, which apparently collided with the DOT vehicle and the deceased’s car.

In cases in which conditions caused by a state or federal worker result in injuries, it is possible for victims or their families to pursue large settlements that enable the affected parties recover or at least achieve measure of solace after a devastating accident..

In this case, $4 million was awarded to the family of the deceased driver, and $2.7 million was awarded to the surviving tractor-trailer driver. Apparently no settlement offer was made by the state.

In addition to the settlement payment, the state has borne the costs of the trial. The Superior Court jury determined that 30 percent of the fault for the accident rested on the state’s shoulders. The collision, which occurred near the Marsh Hill Road exit of I-95, allegedly could have been prevented if safety precautions had been taken.

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