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Compensation for Firefighters Injured in Connecticut

March 10, 2015 General

There is no question about it, firefighters have a dangerous job. While those who choose this line of work understand the risks involved, if injuries do occur, these individuals are generally left unable to work — either temporarily or permanently. Firefighters in Connecticut who have suffered injuries on-the-job can seek compensation for the damages sustained.

Recently, a local firefighter was injured while rescuing an individual from a burning house. A total of three firefighters entered the home and were able to find, remove and resuscitate the victim. Despite wearing the appropriate protective gear, one of the firefighters suffered second-degree burns on his stomach, legs and feet. He was transported to a local burn center for care.

Workers’ compensation benefits are typically offered to firefighters. These benefits allow those injured on-the-job to obtain necessary medical care, rehabilitation services and several other benefits, all while still receiving income during their time away from work. However, depending on the severity of the injuries suffered, some may find the benefits offered fail to meet their needs sufficiently.

Connecticut firefighters who have been injured while on-duty have the right to seek the maximum amount of compensation possible for any damages suffered. Legal assistance is available to pursue workers’ compensation benefits that will sufficiently provide for the needs of the injured. This compensation can include adequate funds to cover medical treatments, lost wages, disability coverage and much more. The financial aspects of a job-related injury can add stress to an already trying situation. Taking legal steps to pursue monetary relief can alleviate some of that stress and allow those injured to focus on the healing process.

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