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Class actions for defective products

November 5, 2019 Class Actions

Contributed by Attorney Bruce Newman.

Manufacturing has come a long way in the past 50 years; some changes for the better and some for the worse.

With the influx of cheaper products from China and Southeast Asia over the past several decades, we have become more accustomed to shorter and shorter usable lifespans for everything from appliances to toys.

How long should my air conditioner last? Or what about that remote-control car for your child? Built-in obsolescence is one thing but when products are defective consumers suffer. And you may have rights beyond simple warranties.

If a defective product causes injury, then you have the right to individually sue for damages. But what if you have only been hurt in your wallet or pocketbook? In those instances, a class action may be a possible remedy to get your money back and in certain cases force companies to issue a recall.

If you any questions about defective products and want to know more about your rights as a consumer, contact Bruce Newman at 860-583-5200.