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Month: March 2015

Road construction is dangerous business. Construction workers, in this particular field, work around and with heavy equipment, while often in cramped spaces to allow for roads to remain open to the public. Unfortunately, work-related accidents are a common occurrence...

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In the past few years, it seems that the number of auto recalls reported have been increasing. Even though the technology used within cars and to build cars is more advanced than ever before, problems at the manufacturing level have led to multiple injuries and...

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There is no question about it, firefighters have a dangerous job. While those who choose this line of work understand the risks involved, if injuries do occur, these individuals are generally left unable to work -- either temporarily or permanently. Firefighters in...

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A dentist from Connecticut who has a history of medical malpractice claims against him was recently charged with homicide. It is alleged that his criminal negligence lead to the death of a 64-year-old patient in February of last year. The dentist denies responsibility...

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