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Month: February 2015

Rain or shine, freezing or warm, a fair share of Connecticut residents forgo motorized forms of transportation and walk. Not only does walking improve health, but it can also help people save on transportation expenses. Unfortunately, taking to the streets in this way...

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A section of Interstate 91 northbound in Connecticut was closed for several hours following a wreck involving two vehicles. Car accidents on the interstate are often known for their severity, and this accident is a prime example. In total, five people were injured in...

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When going in for surgery, patients in Connecticut or elsewhere want to believe their physician is prepared and focused -- regardless of how simple or routine the procedure is supposed to be. The operating room can be a busy place, filled with people and equipment --...

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It has been said that drowsy driving can be considered just as dangerous as driving while impaired. Sadly, far too many accidents in Connecticut can be linked to driver fatigue, and many of these accidents have serious or even fatal results. While driver fatigue can...

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