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Month: November 2014

When patients visit the doctor, they expect to receive appropriate standards of care, and rightfully so. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Due to substandard care, a number of Connecticut patients end up suffering even more at the hands of medical...

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Sometimes, multiple car accidents occur within a short timeframe. Car accidents are not only devastating to Connecticut victims and families who experience them. They are also traumatizing to those who witness them. Medical workers recently recounted a tragedy that...

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Connecticut drivers may recognize the dangers of driving while tired. The numbers of fatalities in car accidents that were caused by drivers who are exhausted or suffer from a lack of sleep are alarming. A man who is currently being held against a $25,000 bond is...

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Truck accidents can be caused by a variety of factors, including driving while tired. This is apparently true regarding an accident in which a Connecticut Department of Transportation supervisor was killed while he was working. Recently, a jury awarded his estate $7.3...

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