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Workers here in Connecticut are dedicated to their jobs. Some of the industries they work in come with a significant amount of risk and their employers are tasked with providing as safe a work environment as possible. Warehouse employees often face dangers associated with heavy machinery or working conditions. Most employers will do everything in their power to keep their employees free from harm, but mistakes can happen. One company is at the center of controversy as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigates the death of one of its employees.

A carpet company in Connecticut is facing hefty fines in connection with the death of one of the employees who worked in the back warehouse. The man apparently died from inhalation of carbon monoxide after operating a forklift. Another employee says he was sickened from the gas, but that he did not realize the reason. That employee was unaware that the other man was still on the premises. The deceased employee was discovered unconscious in the restroom by a delivery person and pronounced dead at a local hospital soon after.

Emergency responders measured high amounts of carbon monoxide at the worksite. OSHA’s subsequent investigation determined that the building was not properly ventilated. They cited the carpet company for six different violations.

There may be families in Connecticut who find themselves in a similar situation to the family of this man. They may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim on behalf of their lost loved one. Warehouse employees can be at a greater risk of being involved in a workplace accident than many other employees. These individuals and their loved ones are often deserving of compensation for their injuries, pain and suffering or loss of compensation.

Source:, “Middletown carpet company fined for worker’s CO death“, Alex Gecan, June 13, 2014

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