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Month: June 2014

Workers here in Connecticut are dedicated to their jobs. Some of the industries they work in come with a significant amount of risk and their employers are tasked with providing as safe a work environment as possible. Warehouse employees often face dangers associated...

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The unfortunate truth about individuals navigating Connecticut roadways is that motor vehicle accidents happen every day. Pedestrian accidents are some of the most potentially severe types of accidents. They can lead to severe bodily injury, lifelong impairment or...

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Families should never have to feel the pain of losing a loved one in a motor vehicle crash. When fatal car accidents occur, families are often left with questions of how such a thing could happen and whether anything might have prevented the tragedy. Authorities who...

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Connecticut patients may be aware that misdiagnosis and other problems are possible when medical or lab tests are erroneous. Sadly, a mistake or a misdiagnosis of this nature is not uncommon and can lead to serious issues for the patient. In some cases, patients are...

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