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Month: May 2014

Car crashes are an unfortunate part of life here in Connecticut and all over the nation. When they involve the loss of life, families of the victims may struggle to comprehend exactly what happened. When certain circumstances surrounding the crash might have been...

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Car crashes here in Connecticut are not an uncommon occurrence. Many families know all too well the pain and sadness of losing loved ones to fatal car accidents. A man recently lost his life in a crash involving two vehicles in an area that residents say sees a lot of...

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Certain industries are more prone to risk for employees. However, that does not mean that company owners should not do everything within their power to ensure the safety of those who work for them. Failing to do so could result in lost productivity or claims of...

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When a motor vehicle accident involves a pedestrian, the likelihood of serious injury or fatality increases. Due to this factor, the Connecticut state Senate has passed a bill that they hope will help reduce the risk of injury to pedestrians. If the bill is approved...

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