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The last thing anyone wants when they enter a vehicle is to be involved in a motor vehicle accident. Not only do car accidents cause the obvious damage and inconvenience to the vehicles involved, but the potential ramifications for physical injury are very high. A recent two-car accident in Connecticut left two parties injured but in stable condition.

Car accidents can be safely mitigated by driving safely. However, there is no guarantee that by doing so one can account for the driving habits of others on the road. This was apparently the case with an elderly couple one evening when another vehicle allegedly turned in front of them, resulting in an accident.

The driver in the car supposedly making the turn had one passenger, who injured his head and was transported to a nearby hospital. The older couple was injured, but the husband declined treatment to his leg while the wife went to a nearby hospital for treatment. Both injured parties were last reported in stable condition.

According to the report, the driver supposedly responsible for the crash is believed by authorities to have been driving while under the influence, in addition to operating the motor vehicle without a license. He has been subsequently charged. Additionally, police are asking any witnesses to the accident to call their traffic division with more information.

Personal injury resulting from car accidents can often be extremely difficult to deal with. It has not yet been stated if the couple will choose to file a civil claim against the other driver. Should the Connecticut couple choose to do so, it would be beneficial for them to have organized sufficient evidence indicating that the other party was indeed negligent or somehow at fault for the accident.

Source:, Two Injured In Bristol Crash, David Owens, Dec. 11, 2013

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