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Month: December 2012

A car accident or collision with other vehicles can cause serious injuries, and collisions happening in other states may affect innocent Connecticut drivers. A truck accident may cause problems on highways and slow or stop traffic, so it's important for drivers to...

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An electrical utility company installing a power line has an obligation to ensure the line's stability in order to protect anyone who may live near it. The company also has a duty to respond immediately to protect the lives of anyone who may be affected if an accident...

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Road accidents usually happen because of someone's negligent behavior. Drunk driving accidents are one of the deadliest types of car accidents. It can be difficult for victims of drunk driving accidents to accept their losses, because they suffer great pain because of...

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The holidays provide families with a chance to get together and enjoy the company of their loved ones. Many use this time to decompress from their daily lives, and car accidents can result from inattentive, drunk or negligent drivers taking to the roads after a...

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