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Unfortunately, it’s a fact of life: drivers must be prepared for potential car accidents at any moment on the road. Accidents can happen at any time, on the slowest streets of Hartford or the larger highways that connect the many cities and towns of Connecticut.

A collision in North Haven on Aug. 4 left four people injured. Three of those hurt in the crash were taken to Yale New Haven Hospital for treatment. Luckily, their injuries were not thought to be life-threatening, as the two vehicles involved in the crash were both were severely damaged.

It will fall to investigators, insurance companies and perhaps personal injury attorneys to piece together the events that led up to the accident. Following a determination of which motorist caused the crash, there may be further considerations regarding fair compensation for the injured parties. In such cases, it is often necessary to wade through the evidence, as well as personal testimonies, to decide exactly what civil action, if any, should be taken.

Personal injury attorneys know that although certain factors such as texting, speeding or distracted driving are real instances of negligence, proving that negligence can take some effort. People who wish to save money and pay as little as possible after causing an accident are aware of this fact, too. Photographs taken at the scene, along with physical evidence and the vehicles themselves, will have to be examined to make a strong case for receiving compensation.

Keeping track of all medical bills resulting from a crash is also very important in determining how much compensation an injured party should receive.

Source: News 8, “Parkway accident leaves four injured,” Aug. 4, 2012

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