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Month: August 2012

When a patient goes to a doctor for treatment, the doctor is expected to behave in an irreproachably professional manner. Unfortunately, some doctors take advantage of the vulnerability of their patients and commit crimes, including rape and molestation. In addition...

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After concluding an investigation into a double-fatal accident in Enfield, police are expected to file manslaughter charges against a driver. The deadly crash happened on Valentine's Day, and the driver is already accused of hit and run. Technically speaking, the...

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Unfortunately, it's a fact of life: drivers must be prepared for potential car accidents at any moment on the road. Accidents can happen at any time, on the slowest streets of Hartford or the larger highways that connect the many cities and towns of Connecticut.A...

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Depending on the circumstances surrounding an accident, large settlements can be awarded if negligence is found on the part of an involved party, including the government. Car accidents that result from a driver's negligence are especially likely to result in large...

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