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Month: June 2012

While victims of drunk driving accidents often find it difficult to forgive the offending driver, that task may well prove impossible when the driver endangered others by taking passengers.Fortunately, one Connecticut woman's irresponsible choice did not cause harm to...

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While there are similarities, a semi or pickup truck accident often results in much deadlier destruction than a car accident. Today's story illustrates that damage.A local district attorney's office recently announced that it would drop a felony charge against a...

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Chrysler recently increased the number of Jeep Liberty SUVs included in a safety recall it began several months ago. One estimate puts the total number of vehicles affected to nearly 347,000. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, lower...

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It only takes a moment's distraction for a car accident to occur. Leading causes of collisions may include tailgating, drunk driving, fatigue, or simply failing to pay attention to driving conditions or the roadway. Today's story highlights the latest cause of...

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