BPS is here to serve our clients during this COVID-19 crisis. Pursuant to Governor Lamont’s Executive Order, legal services are essential services. Whether or not we are in our offices, Brown Paindiris & Scott, LLP Lawyers are available by email, phone and video conference. Read More.
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BPS is here to serve our clients during this COVID-19 crisis. Pursuant to Governor Lamont’s Executive Order, legal services are essential services. Whether or not we are in our offices, Brown Paindiris & Scott, LLP Lawyers are available by email, phone and video conference. Read More.

Professional License Defense

Administrative Hearing Lawyers

Physicians/Psychiatrists Dealing With The Connecticut Department Of Public Health

Health Care Providers Non Work Related Substance Abuse Issues with Connecticut Department of Health Including DUI Arrest

Boundary Issues and The Connecticut Department of Public Health

Medical and Nursing Licensure in Connecticut in the COVID-19 Crisis

The Ripple Effect of Licensing Issues

Dealing with Disciplinary Hearings before Connecticut’s Department of Public Health

Business / Commercial

Alcohol Delivery in the State of Connecticut

When are Legal Fees Tax Deductible?

The White Whale of DRS Tax Clearance Certificates

Commercial Short Sales

Legal Issues with Client Agreements for the Independent Consultant

Part-Time Consulting: Do You Need an LLC?

Planning to Compete with Your Current Employer? Plan Carefully!

Sales Tax Clearance Letter and the Connecticut Successor Liability Statute

The Virtual Firm: Agreements with Peers

Thinking About a Minority Ownership in a Business? Watch Out!

Using Contractors To Create a Project Team: Legal Issues to Watch

You’ve Got the LLC. Do You Need an Operating Agreement?

Your Practice Is A Success; Now Sell It Successfully!


Eight Key Points For Contractors To Know About Safety Obligations In Construction Contracts

Hiring a Connecticut Home Improvement Contractor

Criminal Defense

How will the COVID-19 Virus Impact my Criminal Case?

Recreational Marijuana Legislation and Erasing Criminal Convictions for Marijuana in Connecticut

Sex Offender Registration in Connecticut

Sentences for Crimes in Connecticut

Domestic Violence or Family Violence Arraignments in Connecticut

What is “Accelerated Rehabilitation”?

Five Tips for Continuing Your Criminal Case in Connecticut

License Suspensions for Driving Under the Influence in Connecticut

Connecticut’s Grand Jury System

Expulsions from School

Interview at Police Station

Megan’s Law

Rape Shield Laws

The Juvenile Justice System: An Overview

The Police Are Knocking At the Door: What Are Your Rights?


Have You Been a Victim of Sexual Harassment?

Able Act And How It Might Impact You

Estates & Probate


Changing Your Name in Connecticut

Funds Available to Court-appointed Guardians in Need

Intellectual Disability and the Probate Court

Mental Illness and the Probate Court

Termination of Parental Rights and the Probate Court

The Probate Court and Adoption

What Does a Conservator Do?

What Happens When a Person Dies Without a Will?

10 Steps To Take After Your Divorce

Changes in Connecticut’s Estate and Gift Taxes: 2009 Legislative Session

Dead Man’s Statute

Has Divorce Revoked Your Will?

Recent 2009 Federal Tax Developments


Retirement Division Options For Divorce

10 Steps To Take After Your Divorce

Ten Things To Think About When Considering A Pre-Nuptial Agreement

Family – Child Support/Custody

Connecticut Law on Relocation

Child Custody law in CT

Child Custody: What legal standards apply?

Post-Majority and College Education Support in Connecticut

Family – Divorce

Does Connecticut have Permanent Alimony?

Have more control over the timing of your divorce process by waiving the 90-day waiting period

No Court Divorce Options

Five Common Fears About Getting Divorced

What to do if You Find Out Your Spouse Concealed Assets in Your Divorce?

Intellectual Property

Connecticut Trade Secrets

Protecting Your Intellectual Property


Abuse of Process

Mandatory Arbitration in Connecticut Courts

Pseudonymous Parties in Connecticut

Similar Prior Accidents

Spoliation of Evidence

The Unsealing of Connecticut’s Courthouse Doors

The Vexing Matter of Vexatious Litigation

Nursing Homes

Nursing Home/Convalescent Home Litigation

Federal and State Regulations

Pressure Sores

Personal Injury

Where a Crime Meets a Personal Injury: The Wrongful Conduct Rule in Connecticut

Licensed Health Care Mandated Reporters

Vaccine Related Injuries

Jury awards Montville grandfather $50,000 in damages in excessive-force suit against New London police

Legal Remedies Related to Traumatic Brain Injuries Suffered Due to the Fault of a Defective Product or Another Person

Defective Hot Water Heaters and Scalding Burn Injuries to Young Children in the Home

What to do if your Child is Scalded

Medical Error Rates Remain Underreported

Tips for Spotting Elder Abuse and Nursing Home Neglect

Agency, Vicarious Liability & the Doctrine of Respondeat Superior


Charitable Immunity

Defective Highway Statute

Duty of Care & Foreseeability

Economic Damages for Personal Injuries

Eggshell Plaintiff Doctrine

Factors Considered in Evaluating A Personal Injury Case For Settlement

Familial Immunity Doctrines – Sibling, Spousal & Grandparent Immunities

Fireman’s Indemnification Statute: Conn. Gen. Stat. § 7-308

Good Samaritan Law

Municipal Liability & Immunity After Considine v. City of Waterbury

Nondelegable Duty Doctrine

Parental Immunity Doctrine

Parental Liability for Torts of Minors

Sole Proximate Cause Doctrine

The Rescue Doctrine – Danger Invites Rescue

Vicarious Liability of Car Owners & Lessors

Personal Injury – Premises Liability

Abutting Property Owner

Actual Notice of Hazardous Conditions

Building Codes & Fire Codes

Condominium Slip & Fall Cases

Construction Site Injuries

Constructive Notice of Hazardous Conditions

Defects in Stairways & Steps

Dog Bite Statute

Duty of Business Owners

Duty of Care Owed by Possessor of Land

Expert Testimony in a Premises Liability Case

Falling Merchandise

Falling Tree Limbs

Firehouse Rented to Private Individuals a Proprietary Function

Trip & Fall and Slip & Fall Injuries

Lettuce Leaf on Floor Slip & Fall Injuries

Mountain Bike Trail Maintenance a Discretionary Governmental Act

Municipal Premises Liability

Municipality May Shift Liability for Snow & Ice on Public Sidewalk

Notice on the 92nd Day

Parameters of a Highway Defect

Parking Lot Cases of Negligent Security/Supervision

Peril of Puddles, Municipal Liability

Postman a Licensee Comparable to a Social Invitee

Premises Liability in the Landlord-Tenant Context

Recreational Use Statute

Ski Tort Liability

Social Guests

Specific Defect Doctrine in Premises Liability Case

Storm in Progress, or On-Going Storm Doctrine

Subsequent Remedial Measures

Supermarket Slip & Fall Cases

Trip & Fall and Slip & Fall Injuries

Personal Injury – Product Liability

Allergies & Peculiar Susceptibility: Implied & Express Warranties

Food Poisoning Cases in Connecticut

Negligence, Known Dangers & Duty to Warn unusually Susceptible Plaintiff

Strict Liability in Tort to Allergic Users

DePuy hip implant federal litigation postponed for possibly 90 days

GM recall leads to many questions about what automaker knew about issues

An update on the GM faulty ignition recall

Personal Injury – Medical Malpractice

What is Medicaid?

Le Suit Alleges Yale at Fault in Death

LASIK and Laser Vision Enhancement Surgery

Medical Malpractice Suits Relating to the Condition of Aortic Valve Stenosis

When Are Hospitals Liable for a Doctor’s Error

Personal Injury – Traumatic Brain Injury

The Law, Lawyers and Traumatic Brain Injuries

Invisible Injuries – Traumatic Brain Injuries, PTSD & Depression

Personal Injury – Auto Accident

Biomechanical Engineer Testimony in a Low-Impact Collision Case

Common Carriers

Firefighters & Fire Trucks on Interstate 95

Snowmobile & All-Terrain Vehicle Injuries

What do you do if you suffer injuries in a car accident caused by a hit and run driver?

What Should You Do When You Get Into an Auto Accident?

What To Do If You Are Involved In An Auto Accident

Personal Injury – Pedestrian Accident

Numerous factors affect pedestrian death rate

Railroad Track & Trestle Injuries

Study reveals most dangerous areas of Connecticut for pedestrians

Personal Injury – Wrongful Death

Hedonic Damages for the Loss of Enjoyment of Life

Loss of Consortium and its Development in Connecticut

Loss of Parental Consortium

Reasonable Force during Arrest

Wrongful Death Statute & Survival of Civil Actions Statute

Personal Injury – Motorcycle Accident

Minibikes & Manhole Covers

Motorcycle & Minibike Injuries

Privacy Rights

Confidentiality of Psychiatric Communications

Privacy Policy of Brown Paindiris & Scott

Real Estate / Land Use

What Lawyers Tell Their Friends About Buying a Home

Buyer Beware

Commercial Tenants: Get the Best Lease You Can

Home Sweet Home: The Perils of Co-Ownership for Unmarried Couples

Nuisance Cause of Action

Riparian Rights in Nonnavigable Waters

Trees & the Law

Who’s Responsible for the Falling Tree?


Jail Suicides

Workers’ Comp/Disability

Workers’ Compensation During the Coronavirus Crisis

Do I Have a Workers’ Compensation Claim for Injuries Related to Repeated Trauma at Work?

What is Workers’ Compensation and Why Does it Exist?

A Guide to Acronyms and Shorthand in Connecticut Workers’ Compensation

Compensability of Injuries Sustained by an Employee

Exclusivity of Workers’ Compensation Act


Connecticut’s First Draft of Recreational Marijuana Bill – what it means for those interested in starting a marijuana business

Recreational Marijuana Legislation and Erasing Criminal Convictions for Marijuana in Connecticut