Fighting For Compensation For Victims Of Police Brutality

The amount of force used by a police officer is supposed to be proportional to the threat to the officer or to a third party. For example, batons and other forms of force should not be used unless there is an immediate physical threat to the officer or a bystander. If excessive or unreasonable force is used by a police officer, the victim has the right to take legal action. Brown Paindiris & Scott can help.

We Handle Excessive Force Claims

Since 1977, we have handled well over a hundred excessive force claims of all types, including:

  • Taser claims
  • Pepper spray claims
  • Police dog attack claims
  • Police shooting claims
  • Injurious handcuffing claims
  • Baton attack and police assault claims
  • Failure to intervene claims
  • Deadly force claims

In excessive force and other police misconduct cases, we are going up against police departments and the municipalities or state units they are a part of. These are strong entities that are afforded a certain level of protection against lawsuits. Our experience means we understand how to manage these complex claims and bring successful lawsuits.

Perhaps your case can be resolved through negotiation or through use of pre-trial techniques such as mediation and arbitration. Perhaps a trial will be necessary. We are skilled in all of these options. We know how to determine the path that will be most likely to succeed in police brutality claims, and that path involves thorough preparation and zealous advocacy.

Claims Handled On A Contingency Basis

Most excessive force claims are handled on a contingency basis. Therefore, you are not required to pay any attorney fees unless we get compensation for you.

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These cases are handled by:

More information about civil rights claims: Review our police misconduct and civil rights violations articles.

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