Unreasonable Use Of Force/Deadly Force

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Attorney Jaffe has successfully represented many different individuals who were shot by police officers without justification. Several of these shootings resulted in fatalities. He was able to put together a cadre of police and shooting reconstruction experts while doggedly pursuing the responsible police officers and police departments in court.

He has also successfully brought many cases alleging unlawful use of police canines; pursuit by police cruisers; and unreasonable use of mace and pepper spray, tasers, batons, flat saps, flash-bang devices and revolvers.

In one case, an off-duty police officer brought his gun into a bar and hung it in his camouflage jacket. A fight then broke out in the bar. The officer retrieved his gun and used it to shoot attorney Jaffe's two clients, who were brothers; both were critically injured.

After a lengthy trial, attorney Jaffe obtained a large recovery against this off duty police officer.

In another trial, attorney Jaffe obtained a verdict against a New Haven police officer who shot his a client in the head while he was unarmed and slowly driving away from him. Attorney Jaffe proved that the shooting was unjustified because his client posed no imminent threat to the shooting officer, his partner or anyone else. In many ways, this case resembled the case of Brandon Henry, et al v. Robert Lawlor, et al, mentioned elsewhere herein, which attorney Jaffe also successfully pursued against a Hartford police officer.

Disclaimer : Every case is different to facts and circumstances and results will vary from one case to another. The announcement of the results of any one particular case should not be taken as to imply, or guarantee, certain results in any other case.