Personal Injury — Serious Cases

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Attorney Jaffe's client was removing a part from under a car at a commercial establishment when the car lift slipped and fell partially on top of him as an employee tried to pull him out from under it.

He ended up with severe internal injuries and confined to a wheelchair probably for life.

Attorney Jaffe, in bringing suit on behalf of his permanently impaired client, was able to demonstrate the defective condition of the lift and mediate a large structured recovery for his client, which served to provide for his substantial health care needs for the rest of his life

A father was driving his car with his infant girl in her car seat, in the back. He was exhausted because he had just worked a double shift and he fell asleep while at the wheel.

The car drifted into the emergency lane on the highway and struck the back of a tractor trailer which was parked there.

The father died. The baby was thrown out of the car and ended up paralyzed from the waist down. The car seat, although potentially defective, was discarded at the scene.

Attorney Jaffe, using an investigator and a physical engineer, established early on that the truck, which was parked at night in a dangerous position within the emergency lane of I-95 in Hartford, near an exit, was not readily visible and did not have adequate padding to cushion an impact.

Eventually, Attorney Jaffe was able to obtain a large structured settlement on behalf of the Conservator of the estate of the little girl, which was used to provide for her care through the use of a special needs trust, during her lifetime.