Probate Litigation Results

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Attorney Jaffe, through protracted litigation lasting several years, in two different instances was able to effectuate termination of conservatorships of clients who were conserved against their will for long periods of time and thereby restore their estate and individual liberty to each of them.

In the first instance, he obtained freedom from being conserved for a wealthy businessman who was conserved after years of heavy drinking and poor health. He called accountants, psychiatrists, a personal trainer, a banker, an attorney and several town residents to the stand to demonstrate that the conservatorship of his estate had been mismanaged by a large bank and that a large law firm had mismanaged the conservatorship of his person.

After successfully obtaining his client's release from the conservatorships, Attorney Jaffe sued the large bank and law firm who had conserved him, for their alleged improprieties. After a hard fought lawsuit, he obtained a large settlement on behalf of his client, to make use of his new found independence.

In a second probate case, Attorney Jaffe fought for several years, at more than a dozen hearings, before successfully obtaining freedom from estate and personal conservatorships that had been imposed for several years on his client, a former physician, who was in his nineties.

After his release from these conservatorships, this client lived the remaining several years of his life with increased autonomy, dignity and satisfaction.