Personal Injury — Wrongful Death

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Attorney Jaffe represented a plumber who was working on pipes in a crawl space where the furnace was leaking oil and the insulation was upside down. When the plumber started to sweat the pipes, with his torch, a fire started in the leaked oil, which burned virtually his entire body. Tragically, the plumber died from these painful, agonizing injuries.

Through investigation, Attorney Jaffe determined that despite a faulty furnace valve, the oil company had recently filled the tank, causing the oil to leak.

After bringing an action against the oil company, hiring several expert witnesses and taking numerous depositions, Attorney Jaffe was able to garner a large settlement for the estate of the plumber who was burned to death.

Attorney Jaffe successfully represented the estate of one of the fatal victims of the lottery shooting which occurred around fifteen years ago.

A disgruntled, disturbed, former state employee who was on sick leave, due to emotional instability, was released back to work by his psychiatrist, although he was diagnosed with an explosive personality disorder and had expressed feelings of revenge toward his supervisors and feared he might harm them.

Within a week of his release back to work, he murdered the four heads of the Connecticut Lottery, including Attorney Jaffe's client, then killed himself.

Attorney Jaffe, in conjunction with several other lawyers who represented the other murdered lottery officials, brought an action against the State of Connecticut, the shooter's psychiatrist, the shooter's parents' homeowners' policy covering the home in which he had resided and the shooter's estate.

After a long process of litigation involving dozens of defense lawyers, the case was eventually resolved to the satisfaction of the survivors of the victims of the shootings.

Attorney Jaffe was instrumental in obtaining such a favorable resolution of this complex and tragic matter.