False Imprisonment Case Results

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A veteran of the Gulf War went to a small town library to read books he had reserved for his college Greek philosophy class.

Around the time he was there, another man, who looked very different from him, exposed himself to a female high school student in another area of the library on the same floor.

Due to a completely mishandled investigation and prosecution of the matter, Attorney Jaffe's client was imprisoned for such offense for approximately a year and placed on the sexual offender website, although he was innocent.

Eyewitness accounts were unreliable, photo arrays were misleading and exculpatory evidence was allegedly withheld by the police and prosecutor.

Attorney Jaffe sued the local police and prosecutor. He was able to obtain a fair, just and reasonable settlement from the local police for the extreme psychological injuries and loss of liberty suffered by his client, due to their alleged misconduct.

Numerous depositions were taken, thousands of documents were reviewed and several expert witnesses were utilized by Attorney Jaffe in this successful federal civil rights case. The case was used by a state legislator when teaching a course on civil liberties, as an example of how a citizen whose rights have been violated can obtain justice.

Attorney Jaffe has represented many people who were falsely arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned. Examples include the following:

  • A Hispanic male in his thirties was imprisoned on a high bond for approximately one year for robbing a McDonald's although a video tape of the perpetrator, particularly when electronically enhanced, revealed someone else committed the robbery.

    This Hispanic male, who became the lead Plaintiff in a class action against the State of Connecticut, challenging the constitutionality of the bail bond system in Connecticut, ultimately recovered, after mediation sums, for his false arrest and incarceration.

  • A middle aged male was arrested at a public library for allegedly exposing himself there to a teenager. He was convicted of such crime at trial and spent six months in jail and more than six and a half months on house arrest with an ankle bracelet. He was also placed on the sexual offender website and not allowed to go to libraries or near children.

    Although this person was convicted, Attorney Jaffe was able to show that the authorities conducted a misleading photo lineup, omitted material facts from the arrest warrant and failed to disclose key exculpatory evidence.

    In so doing, Attorney Jaffe obtained an award for his client from the municipality involved through a federal civil rights action and against the State of Connecticut before the State Claims Commissioner.