Defective IUD Litigations


Attorney Jaffe zealously represented a large number of women who were rendered infertile by Copper-7 contraceptive devices, who were injured primarily in the 1980s. He reviewed several hundred-thousand documents and a multitude of medical articles, and he utilized around a dozen expert witnesses throughout the country in the process of testing the tailstring of the devices and offering opinions as to defectiveness and harm.

In successfully fighting for these women over several years, attorney Jaffe gained valuable experience in mass tort and product liability litigation as he methodically and persistently litigated cases on behalf of numerous women who typically contracted pelvic inflammatory disease and were rendered infertile by defective Copper 7 IUDs.

Disclaimer: Every case is different to facts and circumstances and results will vary from one case to another. The announcement of the results of any one particular case should not be taken as to imply, or guarantee, certain results in any other case.

Present Litigation

Presently, Attorney Jaffe works with a large, out of state law firm, which has the necessary skills in handling IUD cases, in particular cases involving defects in the Paragard and Mirena intrauterine devices.

Together with such law firm, Attorney Jaffe represents women who have suffered injuries, including uterine and peritoneal perforations, ruptures and abscesses, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, peritonitis and infertility, resulting from defective IUD's.

Since there are many woman who have experienced such myriad health problems after using IUD's for temporary birth control, there is a Court mechanism in place to deal directly with these claims. Attorney Jaffe, who has over 25 years of experience with defective IUD claims, is well positioned to assist victims of these contraceptive devices to find the appropriate legal channel to address their concerns, if actionable, in a cost effective and successful manner.