Class Action Representations

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Attorney Jaffe has brought numerous class actions during his legal career including the following:

  1. A case challenging the bond system in the State of Connecticut arguing that the system is biased against persons who are indigent because they often cannot make bond and stay in jail despite their innocence, with no effective way to defend themselves despite their innocence, before eventually being set free.
  2. A class action against the State of Connecticut, alleging that it failed to pay benefits to a certain class of state retirees in breach of the applicable state collective agreement provisions.
  3. A class action against certain marshals who allegedly unlawfully arrested and detained citizens, without proper statutory authority to do so.
  4. Various products liability class actions throughout the years.

In class actions, Attorney Bruce Newman represented hundreds of clients and was a signatory to a mediation agreement that led to a $24 million settlement In Re: Pet Food Product Liability Litigation. In that matter he argued pre-trial motions, attended court hearings, and worked with national class counsel to arrive at a settlement for pet owners who had their pets die or fall ill due to ingesting Menu Foods products. He investigated and worked with experts and also corresponded with the US Attorney's office after a Las Vegas company was indicted for importing gluten for pet food that was contaminated with melamine.

Disclaimer : Every case is different to facts and circumstances and results will vary from one case to another. The announcement of the results of any one particular case should not be taken as to imply, or guarantee, certain results in any other case.