A Tragic Medical Event Creates A Complicated Custody And Property Situation

When a new mother of twins suffered a heart attack which left her in a persistent vegetative state, and her parents over-rode her desire to avoid life support and petitioned the state to allow her to live in their home on Title IX assistance. They also filed a divorce action on her behalf and sought custody of the children, Attorney Haakonsen represented the father. In addition to the custody issues, there were property and alimony issues raised by the State which has an interest in reimbursement for support provided. After some litigation over the standing of the conservators to sue and other issues, the case was able to be resolved so that the father has custody of the children who visit with their grandparents and mother and the state's interests were satisfied.

Disclaimer : Every case is different to facts and circumstances and results will vary from one case to another. The announcement of the results of any one particular case should not be taken as to imply, or guarantee, certain results in any other case.