"The Rare Art of Picking the President"

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Attorney Paindiris is Interviewed by The Law Tribune

Glastonbury lawyer Nicholas Paindiris, the Connecticut political director for the Barack Obama campaign, is feeling pretty good about his "hobby" of the past two decades – helping to pick presidential candidates.

The real excitement is early in the process, choosing a candidate from the small herd of primary contenders, Paindiris said. "Before the nomination, there's plenty of choice, and an opportunity to make a difference. That's the part that most people don't realize."

"I was the only party official who went with Barack Obama, many, many months before Dodd was out of the race following [the Iowa caucuses]," said Paindiris, who has headed Glastonbury's Democratic town committee for over 10 years.

Paindiris can now enjoy some of the perks of victory. He said he's secured travel and hotel reservations so he and his family can attend the inauguration and subsequent festivities in January. He's also been picked as one of the state's seven electors, slated to cast Electoral College votes Dec. 15.