New London Jury Awards $206,953.53 on Difficult Premises Liability Action

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Glastonbury---BPS Attorneys Stephen P. Sobin secured a $206,953.53 jury award on behalf of their client after she fell while exiting the home of the defendant. The defective premises case presented very difficult facts and an uphill battle for the plaintiff and her attorneys, as further illustrated by the defendant's final offer of a mere $11,000 to settle in advance of trail. Attorneys Sobin argued that the defendant's outdoor cement landing and stairway was defective and in an unreasonably safe condition due to the lack of a railing or guard on the 26" elevated landing. The defendant alleged compliance with applicable building codes and argued comparative fault on behalf of the plaintiff, a social guest, alleging inattentiveness. The defendant also presented circumstantial evidence of intoxication on behalf of the plaintiff. The plaintiff sustained a 10% permanent partial impairment to the lower left extremity as a result of the fall. The jury found the defendant 90% at fault and applied a 10% comparative fault reduction to the plaintiff's $206,953.53 award. The jury verdict exemplifies the commitment to preparation and detail BPS attorneys apply to each unique case to overcome unfavorable facts and obstacles.