Harassment Lawsuit Filed Against Hartford Police

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David Jaffe Files Civil Rights Suit in Towing Dispute

David Jaffe has recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of the owner of a tow truck company, Cross Country Auto against the Hartford Police Department, claiming that his drivers were needlessly harassed and falsely arrested by officers who did not want them to tow improperly parked cars. As reported in the Hartford Courant on December 30, 2005: "A long-simmering feud between a towing company and a trio of Hartford police officers has boiled over into a lawsuit and an internal affairs investigation. The suit claims that Hartford police officers repeatedly threatened Cross Country drivers in an effort to keep them from towing cars on the grounds of apartment complexes or other private facilities, even though the company was contracted to enforce parking rules on those properties. Police officials acknowledged that the officers did not have the authority to tell the drivers what to do, but said that the officers were confused about the law and believed that the drivers were improperly towing vehicles to beef up profits."