Protecting the Elderly from Nursing Home Neglect

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Attorney Jaffe represented the family of a 94 year old, long-term patient of a nursing home, who fell from his wheelchair which the facility had provided him without an adequate restraint or seatbelt. Additionally, it tilted forward and had a makeshift smooth seat cushion which was not permanently attached to the chair.

Although the convalescent home was on repeated notice from the family that such resident was a fall risk, nothing was done by the nursing home staff or administrators to make his wheelchair safe. As a result of falling onto his room floor, the elderly resident fractured his femur and needed surgery.

When he returned to the nursing home, he had become immobile. He developed Stage III and Stage IV bedsores due to poor repositioning, offloading and wound management. He eventually died of sepsis due to such wounds.

Attorney Jaffe brought an action sounding in nursing home negligence and malpractice and wrongful death. Through extensive discovery, depositions of lay and expert witnesses and subsequent mediation of the matter, Attorney Jaffe was able to obtain a substantial, confidential settlement on behalf of the estate of the resident decedent.