Attorneys form first civil collaborative CT group to resolve business disputes

Fifteen Connecticut attorneys have formed the state's first business dispute resolution group.

Dubbed Collaborative Business Dispute Resolution, the group provides an alternative to litigation, arbitration and mediation by having both parties' attorneys' advocate on their behalf while working collaboratively toward a mutual resolution without going to court.

The model is based on a similar approach to family disputes litigation known as Collaborative Divorce.

Although parties have the option to litigate if the collaborative process is not successful, having to retain a new lawyer to handle the lawsuit creates a financial incentive for all parties to work toward a fair settlement.

"Our goal is to avoid litigation, save time and money by working together to reach a fair result to both parties," said Attorney Nicholas Paindiris, managing partner of Brown Paindiris & Scott. "We have seen the collaborative concept work successfully in the area of family law and recognize a need to apply this process to business and other civil disputes."

All members have been specifically trained in the collaborative process and have at least 10 years of experience in the practice of law. The 15-member attorneys are listed here.

Patricia Daddona,