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At Brown Paindiris & Scott, we have the experience to know that every family law case is different. The approach we use to protect your interests and achieve your goals will be customized to the details of your case. Does negotiation make sense? Is litigation the right way to go?

Conflict is common at the start of family law cases, but that does not mean conflict should continue. Collaborative divorce, mediation and arbitration are nontraditional alternatives we can use to diminish conflict, protect your family's privacy and achieve a positive result. Of course, we know that avoiding conflict is not always possible. Sometimes, a court hearing or trial is necessary. We have the experience and resources to litigate when family law cases require it.

"Whether your case is litigated, mediated or handled through the collaborative process, we can help settle your case through in-person, telephonic, or on-line video conferences with parties and counsel." Zoom conferences are especially useful in cases where one or both parties reside out-of-state or have mobility or health issues, or when settlement discussions may be more effective when the parties are not face-to-face in the same room.

Representation In All Types Of Family Law Cases

Since 1977, we have handled family law cases of all types, including:

In addition to helping male-female couples, we can assist same-sex couples with a wide range of family law issues.

When you choose our law firm, you will be represented by an experienced and caring family law attorney. Moreover, you will have the additional support of a full-service law firm. This is important simply because family law cases can become complex. They can involve other areas of the law, such as real estate, estate planning, bankruptcy, foreclosure, business law and even criminal defense in cases that involve allegations of domestic violence. One of our major strengths is that our law firm includes lawyers who can assist people with each of these areas without having to send you to an outside firm, yet you will still have the attention of an attorney who is focused on family law.

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These cases are handled by:

More information about family law cases: Review our frequently asked questions about family law cases, as well as our family law articles.

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