Texting While Driving: A Dangerous Combination

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Almost everyone has done it, been in a car with someone doing it, or seen other drivers doing it. Texting behind the wheel is nothing new, but recent studies are showing exactly how dangerous it can be. Injuries, vehicle damage and even death can result from car accidents caused by texting or using an electronic device while driving.

Men, Teenagers More Likely to Text and Drive

Recent data points to two groups that may be more likely to use cellphones while driving.

A recent Connecticut study analyzed ticket data and found that men receive more tickets than women for using their cellphones behind the wheel. The study discussed possible reasons for the difference, including men's higher risk-taking tendencies and a greater number of hours spent on the road.

Teens also make up a large percentage of distracted drivers. In a series of recent teen interviews, many reported that tickets and punishments do not deter them from texting while driving. Instead, teens may turn to more discreet methods of using their phones while driving, which could prove even more dangerous.

Men and teens are certainly not the only offenders. Regardless of age or gender, holding the texting driver accountable for the results of their actions is critical to prevent accidents and send the message that this dangerous behavior needs to stop.

Remedies and Legal Action

Those injured in car accidents caused by distracted drivers may have legal remedies available to them. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney will work with injured clients to ensure that they receive justice and compensation for an injury when they are not at fault. If you find yourself injured and believe that distracted driving may be the cause, contact a personal injury lawyer near you to start on the road to recovery.