Protecting Your Intellectual Property

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December 8, 2009

Why Business Owners Should Know About Trademarks and Copyrights

In today's global marketplace, the world has grown smaller. Through the internet, small business owners in Connecticut are easily able to transact business with people and businesses all over the world. Having an online presence is probably one of the most important things an entrepreneur can do to grow and sustain a business. Such a presence, however, does not come without risks.

Once your website is up, all your potential customers can see the services you offer, what makes you different from your competition, and your dazzling logos and web design. Unfortunately, not only can your potential customers access this information, but potential infringers are also able to steal it.

Ensuring that your company's valuable intellectual property is protected is absolutely essential in today's world. With the seemingly uncontrollable spread of online copyright infringement and online trademark infringement, not only is the name of your business a valuable asset, but so are your slogans, logos, and even the content and design of your website.

Often state and federal registration of trademarks and copyrights will allow the trademark or copyright owner to obtain statutory damages from the infringer. While unregistered owners will usually be able to stop the infringement, they are not guaranteed a damages award.

The intellectual property attorneys at Brown Paindiris & Scott can advise you as to what intellectual property you r business has and can help formulate a plan to help you protect those valuable assets. Call today to set up an appointment to make sure your business is fully protected.